Green Flow Canna

what Is It

'Squid Juice' Grow!

An easy way to make sure your plants get all the nutrients they need!

Our new Organic Plant Nutrient program is the perfect way to make sure your plants start strong and finish even stronger. Our Supplement includes three primary plant nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (N-P-K).Start by using our Organic Plant Nutrient as soon as the season starts.


Start by using our all-purpose Organic Plant Nutrient. It contains all the necessary nutrients that your plants need including Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Plus it contains beneficial micro-nutrients without chemicals.


By following this easy program you can rest assured knowing your plants are getting all the nutrients they need in order to produce to their maximum potential.


Natural-Based Fertilizer

Natural-based nutrients once sprayed into the soil will remain there for months to come. Unlike synthetic fertilizers which last for a very short amount of time and only give your plants a short burst of nutrients. Once sprayed, beneficial microbes (e.g. bacteria, fungi, protozoa) in your soil will slowly break down the nutrients in the squid supplement. This will not only encourage a healthy ecosystem in your soil but it will also allow the micro and macro nutrients in the supplement to be readily available to your plants after they have been broken down and ingested by the microbes already in your soil. Mollusks contain Chitin, most recent studies point out that chitin is a good inducer of defense mechanisms in plants. It has also been assessed as a nutrient that can improve crop yields. Synthetic fertilizers are often high in salts which can deter or kill beneficial microbes in the soil. Natural-based nutrients do not contain high levels of salt and help to increase diversity of beneficial microbes. It is difficult to over feed your plants using a natural-based nutrient reducing the probability of harming or burning your plants. Seaborn supplements are made from single sourced squid. Natural-based nutrients are renewable, biodegradable, sustainable and a better choice for the environment.